About Crowned By Ellie

Ellie Platt Founder & Creative Director of Crowned by Ellie



Headpiece Extraordinaire, Founder, Creative Director

Headpieces don’t only have to be for a special occasion or a holiday, but they can also be everyday wear. Ellie Platt is a brilliant artist who expresses herself in a variety of mediums, her favorite of which is the creation of dazzling custom headpieces for the self-proclaimed New Orleans king or queen. You'll regularly see Ellie out and about fascinating in an imaginative mix of beads, feathers, flowers, glitter, lace, and ribbons. If you've ever wondered how you could get your hands on sparkling face jewels, a pot of gold (complete with rainbow) for St. Patrick's Day, or a custom Mardi Gras headpiece, wonder no more! Ellie can help get you properly suited up for the NOLA social scene. Ellie's creativity truly has no bounds!